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Here at Mt. Pisgah, we provide several ministries to meet the needs of our congregants as well as our community. Our ministries are geared towards every age group in the family. Our goal in each of our ministries is to provide whatever is necessary in order that persons may be able to live a better life, handle life's issues, and help foster the ability to help others.


Women’s Missionary Society [WMS]
The WMS is charged with leading the church in the work of missions, at home and abroad.


The Young People’s Department [YPD]
Working under the direction of the WMS, the YPD is a service organization teaching young people to invest in others,

as well as developing leadership skills.


The Lay Organization
The focus for this group is denominational education; helping members understand the

polity and process of the AME Church.


Women in Ministry [WIM] 
Edifying and supporting best describe this organization’s purpose; addressing the unique challenges of “Sista’s of the cloth”.

Ushers- Serve 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays
The Combined Adult Usher unit, men and women, serve God together as doorkeepers.


Anointed Voices[ AVP]- 1st  & 4th Sundays 
The ministry of music is an integral part of the worship experience. AVP members are worshippers who are gifted with song.


The “Holy Hands of Care” serve God in the special capacity of preparing and assisting with the

celebration of Holy Communion and Baptism, and pulpit comfort.


Audio Visual Ministry
To “tell the nations the good news of Jesus” our AV team serves, making sure we look and sound our best –To God be the Glory!


Pastor’s Aide
Covering the pastor in prayer, this ministry raises funds to assist the pastor in work within and outside of the church.


“It’s not about the food - It’s the fellowship”. The culinary ministry creates a healthy, fun atmosphere for church family events.


Daughters of Allen [DAR]
The sponsors of the Annual Arthur’s Day celebration, DAR raise funds to assist in ministry operations.


History and Heritage [H&H]

The rich history of this journey is researched and kept by H&H.


Outreach- multi faceted Ministry of Love

Christian Education Ministry (CED)
CED provides direction and leadership for Vacation Bible School, Know Your Church Curriculum,

Special youth programs, Youth Bible Study, and oversight of the Sunday Church School.


Church School
Each Sunday the Word of God and the fundamentals of our belief system are taught by dedicated teachers.

Classes range from toddlers to adults. You are invited!


Youth Choir- Ministers 2nd Sunday

Participation in the Youth Choir Ministry teaches our youth to have a heart for God, to work as a disciplined unit,

and to praise God from their perspective.


Jr. Ushers – Serves on the 3rd Sunday
Learning to be servant in God’s house serves as life lessons in compassion, care, organization and observation.

Learning to usher in the presence of God is a blessing to their lives.


Male Chorus – Minister the 3rd Sunday
Men coming together to make a joyful noise to the Lord makes a witness to other men young and old. 


Male Usher UNIT – Serve 1st Sunday
The men are on their post on the 1st Sunday assisting the worship process.
To God be the Glory! Interested in serving? See Bro. Coney.


Men’s Fellowship 4th Saturday 9 AM

As iron sharpens iron so does a man the countenance of his friends. This fellowship is designed for the strengthening of the

brothers and the building up of strong men, husbands and fathers. Bring your son, bring a friend…


Come and be blessed!

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